Rational Anthem​/​Billy Raygun Split

by Billy Raygun

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released May 28, 2010



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Track Name: Killjoy
I've got nothing to say, you've got nothing to prove, since I lost my cool I owe it all to you, I don't know what is wrong and you don't know what is right, seems we lost it all to just one last fight. Give everything I own, just to be standing beside you, kill everyone I know, so you can get your way.
Track Name: Worst Day Of My Life
Keep trying to stop myself from how I feel, my mind is but half empty now I'm buckled at the heels, I need to take a breath I need to walk, I said that about two hours ago my mind's still just as blocked. We're all looking for something, to put our minds at ease, I think I should just stop now, take some time to breathe. This summer's just another one I'll waste, bend my back all kinds of ways you'll never get a taste, sit right down kid we've got to have a talk, I ended this two weeks ago my mouth's now filled with chalk. This has been the worst day of my life, I found out that she really doesn't think that highly of me, but now there's no time left to decide, I'll just admit that it's a different girl, the same old story.